ARTIST(S) Sasaki Hiroaki
TITLE Winter
LABEL Yotsume-Music | YOTSUME002
STYLES Minimal
JUNE 2018
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A. WinterB1. Winter (Stewart Walker Snowflake Mix)B2. Over


Catalog number”Yotsume 002″ used as a missing number in long years is released as the 5th work of SASAKI Hiroaki’s Yotsume-Music. This “Winter EP” is SASAKI’s latest release.It includes a remix by Stewart Walker who is a Berlin based producer and based on experience releasing distinguished labels such as Force Inc, Tresor, M_nus.Starting from SASAKI’s track A1”Winter” has a long dubby bass, a pad sound is covering this euphoric minimal work which rhythm comes and goes like a returning wave. It likes snowscape of Japanese Ink painting. B1”Stewart Walker Snowflake Mix” is a reconstructed “winter” landscape and soundscape by Stewart Walker’s minimalistic approach.The grain of the sound with the three-dimensional feeling scattered on the low-frequency, it conjures images of the snow piling over the white, chill earth.B2”Over” shows the another aspect of SASAKI’s emotional side. It has a simple but selective rhythm and matter-of-factly composition of piano and Pad sound, which makes us feel the end of a long journey. It`s quality and brilliant minimal house release is shown how each of these three tracks differ this time. VINYL ONLY.

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