Lifesaver Compilation 3

ARTIST(S) Various Artists
TITLE Lifesaver Compilation 3
LABEL Live At Robert Johnson | PLAYRJC045 
STYLES Deep House | Minimal
FORMAT 3 x 12"
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A1. Vincent Feit – X04A2. Chinaski – Half LifeB1. Lauer – OkinaseB2. Massimiliano Pagliara – Forever WhatC1. Benjamin Milz – Electric CurrentC2. Felix Strahd – Puppies (Trist Mix)D1. Orson Wells & Benjamin Milz – Transient FieldD2. Roman Flügel – Good News From Another PlanetE1. Rollande Garros – ChangE2. TCB – NickpackF1. Benedikt Frey – BellsF2. Fort Romeau – Lost, Again


Some try it with mouth-to-mouth insufflation and cardiac massage. Others with
psychopharmaceuticals or group therapy. Still others with divorce. By going cold turkey. With a new profile pic and a matching hairstyle. Seen it all at Robert Johnson, already endorsed everything – at least as long as it helps: as a lifesaving measure.