The Hoal

ARTIST(S) Einzelkind
TITLE The Hoal
LABEL Naural | NAU007
STYLES House | Minimal | Techno
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A. The HoalB. Bad Wire


With just one (meaningful) release per year, Naural finds itself in a restless search for sounds that affect us differently than all that we’ve heard so far. It’s 7th wax is introducing talented Einzelkind, featuring one track on each side.
The Hoal distinguishes itself through a thrilling array of fractured vocals and dark whispers building suspense, while punchy percussion and the rolling bass-lines add a delirious narrative, making this record a subtle killer.
On the flip-side, Bad Wire connects us to a piece that revitalizes contemporary dancefloors, being stripped-down, drawn-out and sparse, with engaging shifts and an original human touch. A guide back toward something resembling reality.

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