Makcim & Levi ‎– Daan De Pup


A A Daan de Pup

B1 B1 Geen Hapje
B2 B2 Pointless

ARTIST(S): Makcim & Levi 
TITLE: ‎‎Daan De Pup
LABEL: MUSIK 89 | Raum…musik
STYLES: Minimal | House  
Format:  12″ vinyl

Ltd 2017 Repress !! Maxim Donskoi and Levi Verspeek are both hailing from Amsterdam. They bonded over their mutual love for intricate and layered house music and started producing tracks together under their Makcim and Levi moniker. Soon they found out that Makcims strong musical vision and Levis productional finesse make for a combatant combination of ideals that resulted in the Daan de Pup EP

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