What You Doin’?

TITLE What You Doin’?
LABEL La Peña | LPA023
STYLES House | Techno
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A1. What You Doin’? (Main Mix)A2. What You Doin’? (Bonus Beats)B. What You Doin’? (MFDP Remix)


When Dorian Paic, Tobi Neuman and Patrick Ense took a lunch break from their studio session they met House legend Eric D. Clark randomly at the burger joint. After a quick chat they took him over to Tobi’s studio and recorded this delicious 12″ for us. Einzelkind founded La Peña in 2007 as a label for friends to meet up, live, and release the music they love – and here we have the perfect example of such a serendipitous event.

Backed up by a juicy MFDP Club Mix this release gives a nod to the golden era of house music and album cover art.

What ya doin´!?

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