Southern Soul

ARTIST(S) Norken
TITLE Southern Soul
LABEL Delsin
STYLES Deep House
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A1. Southern SoulB1. More FrequenciesB2. Shifting Towards

A1 A1 Southern Soul

B1 B1 More Frequencies
B2 B2 Shifting Towards

ARTIST(S): Norken
TITLE:‎ Southern Soul
LABEL: DSR/X10 | Delsin
STYLES: Deep House
Format: 12″

Delsin s re-issue arm is back with a timely release of classic Norken material. Featuring on the EP is the cult Southern Soul – originally released on REEL Discs in 1998 – plus More Frequencies and Shifting Towards , two tracks from his 1999 album Soul Static Bureau . Norken, of course, is Lee Norris, best known as Metamatics and a producer with a fine discography that takes in proper deep house, sleek minimal and atmospheric dub.