ARTIST(S) Various Artists
TITLE Mazatec
LABEL Animals On Psychedelics | AOP004
STYLES Electro | Techno
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A1. BPMF – Liza On CloudsA2. Invisble Menders – Three On ThreeB1. Memphis – Altered StatesB2. Miro SundayMusiq – From Behind The Corner


Animals On Psychedelics retruns with a split EP, and it’s a family affair with Release from previous artists who have Featured on the first 3 release and also the new addition of BPMF. All 4 tracks are very different, but all fit nicely with the realms of the Animals On Psychedelics sound. A2 is an old track from Invisible Menders that is finally getting to see the light off day. On the b side its a slightly less dance florr tripped out affair From Mmemphis & Miro sundayMuiq

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