March Website Update

According to the feedback we received, we made some updates lately on our website :
  • Our forthcoming section is getting more complete, we are now putting upcoming releases once month before their release date
  • Consequently we upgraded the new waitlist system of forthcoming releases, in order to be aware of when they’ll be out
  • Our new player that is now more functional and faster (don’t need to make an animated GIF to show, you just need to press play and enjoy)
  • On the sidebar the Weekly Best Sellers, The Staff’s Weekly Picks, and the most awaited Forthcoming releases.
  • Multi-adding releases without have the page refreshed.
  • European companies with valid EU VAT number will be exempt of VAT.

If you have any ideas don’t hesitate to contact us at We don’t promise to consider all the requests, but if they are objectively good enough we’ll try to do something out of it.

Add to Basket Upgrade

Multiadding cart option from Shop Page without refreshing page.

Waitlist Upgrade

Login in order to add to waitlist Forthcoming releases from Shop Page.

Before this update, in order to add to waitlist you had to enter in every release in order to add to cart.

New in the secondary menu : “My Waitlist”

Keep trace of all releases added to Waitlist, and when in stock you’ll be notified by email.

Company? DJ? Don’t pay VAT

European companies with valid EU VAT number will be exempt of VAT. Enter your VAT number when you check out.

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