Tone #1

Artist : , Label : | WS012 Styles : , Format : 12"


It was a matter of time until John Swing finally made his debut on Warm Sounds with three cuts in collaboration with the yet unknown David Soleil-Mon. Considering John Swing’s previous material, this featuring defines a fresh approach to the composition. The signature raw grooves that have so far delivered stripped down, minimalistic house gems are now opening up to more meditative states of mind through a crafty combination of tones. Every element sounds organically in its place: A1 delivers the right energy for the conscious dancefloor while A2 steps forward towards a more futuristic groove aesthetic. On the B side, Searchin’ pleasures us with a lo-fi 11 min journey crossing over from dub to jazz while still keeping the signature house sound. Definitely a turning point for John Swing, who’s now uncovering a new side of his faceted output.


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A1. W.e.y.a

David Soleil-mon, John Swing


A2. The Tone

David Soleil-mon, John Swing


B. Searchin

David Soleil-mon, John Swing

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