Shinobi Of Wokoundou

Title Shinobi Of Wokoundou
Label | WOK01

Wokoundou is an electronic music label rooted in Afrofuturism and Sci-fi, raised by Philou Louzolo. Philou is an artist hailing for his audience to perceive traditional African music within the realm of a more obscure, sci-fi and techno indwelled electronic music experience, hereby fast-forwarding its ancestral prospects into the future. The first volume is an EP that represents Wokoundou’s intergalactic diverse sound. Shinobi Of Wokounou is a 5 tracker EP, blending Techno, Japanese Anime soundtracks, Acid and African music. Wokoundou’s first release is directed to all dance floors in this galaxy to connect and invite people to perceive African music with an multiversal mind.

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1. Shinobi Of Lagos2. Space Rebel Biko3. Susanoo4. Shinobi Of Kinshasa5. Space Rebel Sakura


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