Wet Socks

Artist(s): Label: | WML003 Style: , Format: 12"


Windmühle is back with an amazing, yet very laconic release. Lizz delivers two very consistent and heavily-syncopated minimalistic tracks. Although very light and subtle, both sides will have your hips moving in seconds. Wet Socks is a meditative piece with a slow, but satisfying progression. The intelligent design results in carefully crafted sounds that are comfortable to the ear, which make this minor’ and insightful track a perfect choice for the late night dancefloor. Guitar FQ, on the other hand, is a more upbeat song, with an airier but a very present melodic line. The rhythmic pattern has a nice touch of swing, which makes it suitable for any party. The release continues what the label has set out to present its listeners with: aesthetically-pleasing music with a very engaging rhythm.


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