Witness 03

Artist : Label : | WITNESS03 Styles : , , Format : 12"

Third iteration in OEW’s VA series, WITNESS03 brings over a fresh new quartet of heaters from another of its carefully curated cast of up-and-rising producers. Delving in the vaults of 90s rave, and spanning all things from atmospheric techno to spine-tingling bass, via electro, acid and further afield electronics.

Engaging first, CLJL flings a brick of breaksy sedition into the matrix with the mighty “System Research”. Fusing 303-emulated traction with jaw-crushing freq shifts, ruff snares and fluttering synth spirals gone astray, this one is pure woofer-busting material. Second in line, Naone “Silhouette” is an aggressive slice of dopey, bass-heavy cosmonautics, tailored to have the listener zoning out into a magnetic field of alien echoes, delays and reverbs.

Flip sides and here is LVCA and Sidd taking over your brainwaves with “Stranger” – a squelchy joint connecting the dots between Bochum Weltian spaciousness, pop-laced ethereality and a propulsive programming bound to astral project yourself into a whole other dimension. Last but not least, N-GYNN’s “Fire Rave” engineers a jagged and easy-going carnival of funkster machine talk, weird organic noises and sleazy boogie.


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A1. CLJL - System Research

Various Artists


A2. Naone - Silhouette

Various Artists


B1. LVCA & Sidd - Stranger

Various Artists


B2. N-GYNN - Fire Rave

Various Artists

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