Volume 5

Artist : Label : | WGD005 Styles : , , , Format : 12"

Paul Wise aka Placid is the driving force behind ‘We’re Going Deep’ – a thriving online community and record label that’s showing no signs of letting up as we glide towards the end of 2021.

Sticking to the trusted format of 4 tracks of high grade electronic explorations per EP, all sourced from equally excellent artists. WGD 005 fires its way into orbit on Side A with the opening chimes of Australian producer Tim Jackiw’s ‘Urban theory’. A purist slice of machine driven techno-soul that plots a cosmic trajectory through sharp FM bass tones, powerful kick and driving 303 – all drawn together through sparkling rings of chorded melody. As the rattle of metallic snares and searing acid rise, the track unleashes at warp speed: bringing sheer delight. Followed by the expansive talents of 030303 hitman Böhm, ‘The Search’ meanders deeper into interstellar fields with a jam packed full of melancholia, making full use of minimal machine elements for a maximal sound.

Welcoming another original purveyor of electronic music from Australia to Side B, the legendary Biz straddles the line effortlessly between IDM and Electro with the wonderfully uplifting air of ‘Meltdown’. Stacked full of low-end and glistening solar frequencies, his take on the deep space sound will definitely have fans of Automatic Tasty, Moy and Cignol phoning home. Last but not least, Yorkshireman Al Bradley plots a course back towards inner space, serving up a slow acid bubbler that’s text book in terms of restraint and poise – perfect for those orbital moments as you near your final destination.


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A1. Tim Jackiw – Urban Theory

Various Artists


A2. Böhm - The Search

Various Artists


B1. Biz – Meltdown

Various Artists


B2. Al Bradley - Invisible Beings In Space

Various Artists

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