Richard D. James Album

Title Richard D. James Album
Label | WARPLP43

Perhaps inspired by the experimental drum’n’bass being created by Squarepusher (a recent signee to his Rephlex label), Richard D. James’ third major-label album as Aphex Twin was his first to work with jungle — though, to his credit, he had released the breakbeat EP Hangable Auto Bulb almost a year earlier.

Contemporaries Orbital and Underworld were beginning to incorporate moderate use of drum’n’bass in their work as well, but this album was more extreme than virtually all jungle being made at the time. The beats are jackhammer quick and even more jarring considering what is — for the most part — laid over the top: the same fragile, slow-moving melodies that characterized Aphex Twin’s earlier ambient works.

With all the Aphex Twin’s curious idiosyncracies, though, Richard D. James Album is a very listenable record and a worthy follow-up to I Care Because You Do.

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A1. 4A2. Cornish AcidA3. Peek 824545201A4. FingerbibA5. Carn MarthB1. To Cure A Weakling ChildB2. Goon GumpasB3. Yellow CalxB4. Girl/Boy Song


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