The Campfire Headphase

Title The Campfire Headphase
Label | WARPLP123R

Reissue of 2005’s full lenght by Scottish electronic music duo. With this album they have adopted a more down tempo and organic instrument based approach while retaining that slightly distorted, hazy and analogue style. Deep lush damaged tape-sounding melodic layers and grainy soundscapes which incoporate some of the most heartwarming melodies you could wish for, over some top class hip hop styled beat programming.

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A1. Into The Rainbow VeinA2. Chromakey DreamcoatA3. Satellite Anthem IcarusA4. Peacock TailB1. Dayvan CowboyB2. A Moment Of ClarityB3. '84 Pontiac DreamB4. Sherbet HeadC1. Oscar See Through Red EyeC2. AtaronchrononC3. Hey Saturday SunC4. Constants Are ChangingD1. Slow This Bird DownD2. Tears From The Compound EyeD3. Farewell Fire


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