Artist : , Label : | WAR1203 Styles : , Format : 12"

The 12” starts with the euphoric rave anthem “Members of Warning 2021” by Giraffi Dog & Erik Jähalli. A track title some of you might recognize which will bring peace and harmony to your mind again but also reflects the everyday struggle in autotuneish melancholy. Second we have the heartwarming Hip Hop cut “Shout Outs” which is dedicated to da family and our sweet raver posse. The B side hits different as Henry 3000 is a G when it comes to baba Electro bombs while DJ Hummer understands to cool it down in trancy Westcoast Funk manner.


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A1. Giraffi Dog feat. Erik Jäähalli - Members of Warning 2021

Giraffi Dog, Henry 3000


A2. Erik Jäähalli feat. Giraffi Dog - Shout Outs

Giraffi Dog, Henry 3000


B1. Henry 3000 - Connect the Dots

Giraffi Dog, Henry 3000


B2. Henry 3000 & DJ Hummer - Kid Wizard Gate

Giraffi Dog, Henry 3000

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