Title Morurco
Label | VR01

El Morurco, on the southern face of Cotopaxi, formed thousands of years ago by underground currents of magma from the great Cotopaxi. Despite it faily infamous, it reaches 4,880 m, which create incredible landscapes during its approach and great emotions to reach. Its peak in an ascent that requires knowledge and climbing technique.

Like this mountain of volcanic origin comes Morurco EP by Chicaiza, an Ecuadorian artist focused on these type solid sounds influenced by his life when he was still living in his hometown and even a memory of walking on top of this very rock, I would say this speaks of earth, but changeable working with a groovy core and smokey fading synths like the unnoticed rotation of earth, fitting perfectly the occasion of being the first album coming out on the new Marc Milner’s Variable Records created with the idea that artists need to express themselves coming from all of their different musical backgrounds letting the sound be mutable, from influence to influence, from genre to genre. First on the second track you look up and you see the sky.. and the stars, lights, birds and sparkles. Mysteriously after you are taken on a speed race with a fast rhythm and a particular ecstatic melody which introduces you to a much darker side of“the race”in a paradoxical way, maybe cause of the dangers behind the trees?? Who Knows?? As more tricky synths, hats, and scratches are added the last stop is numeric, larges digital landscapes, like dunes of sand, sharp cracks and shifts, a somewhat mechanical world, with a very nice evoking pad in the background, steady rhythmics keeps it cool and sophisticated and just in case a heart rate monitor like bell lets you know your still alive.

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A1. MorurcoA2. Timeless SpaceB1. Civic InputB2. Silent Words


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