Portraits of a Collective Hallucination

Artist(s): Label: | VOAM005 Style: Format: 12"

For their 5th release, Voam present “Portraits of a Collective Hallucination”, the debut EP from Regina Leather (aka Paolo Di Nola/Cosmic Metal Mother), a multimedia artist working primarily with sound and image.

“This project is an experiment revolving around the tones and timbers generated during the break down of machinery and the signals emitted erroneously during malfunction, framed within a musical landscape, where repetition and the depth of the chords creates textures used to recontextualize these cyclical sounds into an organic dialogue between all elements.” – Regina Leather

“Comunicazione Uno” originally appeared on V/A – The Power of Movements in Plants (ELE-R001) in 2012.

Written and produced by Paolo Di Nola


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