Jean Luc Godard Remixes

Title Jean Luc Godard Remixes
Label | VF276

Audio-visual artists Soundwalk Collective were granted exclusive access to the personal archive of the groundbreaking filmmaker and present their ambitious New Album and Remix EP: What We Leave Behind. The NYC and Berlin based group were invited to aurally explore the archive of the seminal French director Jean-Luc Godard and release their interpretations in an innovative new album What We Leave Behind. Drawing on Godards personal collection of shot film. reel- to-reels and historical ephemera. the recordings reveal the moments before and after the camera rolls. from stage directions and on-set asides to rehearsals. false stars and outtakes.

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A. Death Is The Enemy (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)B1. L'impossible Du Possible (Jan Jelinek Remix)B2. Death Is The Enemy (Petre Inspirescu Remix)



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