Dam House

Artist(s): Label: | VER123 Style: , , Format: 2 x 12"


5 would be the key number for the brand new Chateau Flight release on Versatile.It’s been 5 years since the last release and it took 5 days to record. Nicolas (I:Cube) was busy with his own material, I moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago and as we like to make music in the same space. It took a bit of time but finally it’s here; the Dam House EP.I invited Nicolas to visit me last winter, not to do music but just for a cool A’Dam hang out. This turned into 5 intense days of fun production in my studio. It was amazing for both of us to witness how our connection remained intact after all those years and the ideas came really quick. The vibes of the tracks all turned out pretty different, it’s a true Chateau Flight kaleidoscope with an epic 10mn Techno track Sargan, a more House vibe, Crazy (Dam House mix), a heavy dark funk drive of Lo and the ambient Crazy(Ambient mix). This record would have not been the same without Redlight records,to whom this record s dedicated. James and Abel left their shop open at night just for us and as children in a candy store we went through the racks looking for samples that formed the inspiration for this ep.


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