Uvar LTD 003

Label: | UVARLTD003 Style: Format: 2 x 12"


As the third chapter of our journey begins, we felt like bringing you one step close to what we want to express. Uvar LTD 003 sows what we claim as our vision, the music that will come to shape our days, nights and inbetween. Gearing up with Sushi’s narrow boned kink of a track, “Over The Drum”, teeming with ghostly whispers and grounding harmonics, we move forwards to “Safewire” and “Mediterranee”, swinging from trees and branches to beaches and beyond.

Robert Apetrei locks in with the sexy, sweet acidic grip of “Tantric Underground”, making headway to the classy minimal soft touch of Cally’s “Vo Lu”. Jazzy, less fortunate crimes of passion get a whole new meaning with “Moondog” by Wareilka and it’s almost as if you’re caught between a candid bassline, a harmonica and the mad drummer.

All the while, “Zinia” by Barut will take you back to old days gone by, when 808’s didn’t shy away from melody…  And as we come a close, “Konkordski” by Qili reconciles the senses with a lighthearted beat, a warm touch and a very crisp, close knit, execution to perfection. Not sould out yet, but it might be soon.”


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