The Answer

Artist(s): Label: | USR022 Style: , Format: 12"

The next Undersound chapter is curated by Israeli artist Gal Perez under his PRZ moniker. While the producer has been known for his rougher outings, here he delights us with a mix of italo-inspired 4/4 jams and electro and break tracks composed in his hardware-laden studio. Both “Under Control” and “Luv Trk” on the A-side offer a peculiar view into the artist’s style and inspirations, with arpeggiated bass lines and evocative emotional leads.

Expiration” on the flip side hits the listener with its punchy 808 snares and moody vocoder. “One Day” and “The Answer” offer different but complementary moods to close off this diverse EP, with the melancholy and emotion of the former contrasting the playful 303 and synths of the latter, all driven by a chugging 909 breakbeat.
For the rest of the EP, we welcome three upcoming producers to the label: Caramel Chameleon, Anton Vegel and Limile. “Toxic Food” is a breaky number from the Italian IDM prodigy, where he showcases his trademark sound with emotional detuned melodies and vocoders. “Hologrammatic Waveforms” is inspired from Detroit Electro and crafted live with moving basslines, catchy melodies and smooth chords. “Tuesday” closes this compilation with its emotional overtones over up-tempo broken drums.


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