Hazelnut Green

Title Hazelnut Green
Label | USR016
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For the next release, we are glad to introduce the Wedding Acid Group and also inaugurate a major redesign of our label. WAG are a group of three friends based in Budapest, jamming on both classic Roland gear, but also modern instruments like the Monomachine. All the tracks were recorded live around 2016 in the Ballacid studio “Újpest”.

The EP opens with three fast paced tracks where emotional melodies are intertwined with classic 909, 707 and 606 drums. The flipside presents the uplifting “Chocoball 707” and closes with “Paprika Dye Acid”, the slowest jam of the EP.

Overall, the tracks offer a glimpse into the emotional world of these three talented Hungarian producers and we are extremely happy to have them on board for their second vinyl release.

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A1. Sensitive ToolsA2. Yellow 909A3. Thickening AgentsB1. Chocoball 707B2. Paprika Dye Acid


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