Liber Al Vel Legis

Title Liber Al Vel Legis
Label | USR003
Styles ,

This ep represents a further manifestation of sound-expression over sound-design. Each track has it’s own characteristics. It’s a symbiotic EP which combines vintage analogue gear with live digital effects; everything is done in a moment – manipulating things that you can’t calculate but feel. This live combination is really important that the listener will subconsciously get a psychedelic and emotional bound to electronic music – resembling genres like Krautrock. Do what you want, it’s the only law – It’s a sentence very dear to the whole Les Points collective and with this boundery it’s no surprise that Audino & Barbir have collaboration featured. Dilettantes on the rise!

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A1. Do what thou wilt 31A2. Magick716B1. Osiris418B2. NHFTHR220


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