Sneak Attack / Random Acts Of Insanity

Title Sneak Attack / Random Acts Of Insanity
Label | UNI-1003
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American Import…..
Amid whispers of a new album from Unirhythm boss and Three Chairs stalwart Marcellus Pittman, two tracks from his excellent debut LP Pieces finally get committed to wax. It’s a shame Pieces never got a vinyl release, but the chance to grip “Sneak Attack” and “Random Acts Of Insanity” on 12″ should not be passed up. This 12″ was actually released in ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ white label format in 2014, but finally gets a proper issue! For those that don’t have the LP, “Sneak Attack” is a curious concoction, with Syclops style electronics occasionally flowering over deep, dusty, intricately programmed rhythms. “Random Acts Of Insanity” feels a little bolder in approach, though its’ rich chords and odd, off-kilter rhythm track are contrasted with some notably bonkers electronic touches.

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