Batteri – Strøm

Artist : , , Label : | UFO03 Styles : Format : 12"


Back to 2001 as Norwegian samplecrafter Kahuun casts a spell that’s just as strong today as it was when Fett Burger reissued it in 2011 on Sex Tags. Light, breezy and jazzy with a powerful and subversively placed vocal sample, there’s a reason why the OG presses and repress have been in demand among collectors. This reissue comes complete with a brand new jam from Fett Burger and Grillo Weiner. Loose, rattling and top-loaded with a paranoid warp lead line, it’s another Sex Tag serenade strictly for the most wee of hours.


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A. Kahuun – Batteri

DJ Fett Burger, DJ Grillo Wiener, Kahuun


B. DJ Fett Burger & DJ Grillo Wiener – Strøm

DJ Fett Burger, DJ Grillo Wiener, Kahuun

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