Artist(s): Label: | TYD002 Style: , Format: 12"


For its second installment, Tresydos presents ‘Description’, a selective, four track EP from US producer Matt Anderson. Normally working and releasing on the label Wex, he has shared with us a unique EP, a dive into the flavors and varied tastes he is inspired by.

Leading off on A1 is the title track ‘Description’. With an emotive melody & pushing jungle bass, this tune is a mixed and mangled, psy-hypnotic, peak time bouncer. A2 follows with ‘Small Talk’, which holds a smooth and liquidy touch, sprinkled with notes of jazzy bends & spacey arpeggios. On the flip side for B1 is ‘Gangsta.vox’, a playful tune, varied between a 4/4, acidic zooming, & airy, euphoric breaks. Last up is ‘Inside A Neutron Star’, a chugger that offers an acidic, yet smooth psychedelic theme to carry you on.


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