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TS08 is the 3rd EP of the TONE SERIES project and in line with the previous two releases TS09 and TS10. However, its two tracks HAWAIAN JAM and 24 BAR PER DAY present rather refreshing grooves, right on time for the summer.

HAWAIAN JAM makes you feel like in a Jeep, driving around the Hill of Mauï while looking at the best waves. And whereas HAWAIAN JAM follows the rythm of cutting edge and caraibian slide guitars with a touch of reggae, 24 BAR PER DAY unveals jumping drums and druggie pumping sounds surrounded by bitchy voice cuts.

With regard to the artwork, as shown on the cover, each track has its own colour. There is neither a A nor a B-side. The same applies to the record vinyl itself. Each track stands on it own. As a result, HAWAIAN JAM and 24 BAR PER DAY distinguish themselves from each other through their vibes and colours, although they remain in the same spirit.

TONE SERIES was born from the collaboration between Villa’s former bouncer (one of the most underground clubs of Berlin) – Wolfram, French music producer, live performer and DJ – David K, and LumièresLaNuit’s co-founder and An der Grenze’s
founder – Edouard. In summary, TONE SERIES brings together the idea of interdependence between music and design: what colour follows on from music and, in return, which musicality
comes out of colours.


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A. Hawaian Jam

David K


B. 24 Bar Per Day

David K

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