Title Halloween

TX Connects Gavin Guthrie is a horror soundtrack enthusiast and regularly DJs gigs with that premise. So its no surprise that hed produce an EP that implements these themes.The T.R.U. Halloween EP is a special edition EP that collects and compiles 5 tracks from Gavins inner circle that range from 80s era horror soundtrack chase scene music to dark techno. With the recent surgence of Survive and Stranger Things, this EP fits right in the pocket and is slated for a Halloween 2016 release.

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A1. Sam De La Rosa – La RataA2. The Argus Effekt – March Of The Ant TribesB1. Tom Strong – Martian Time StripperB3. Jake Schrock – Night PursuitB2. 1TX Connect – Haddonfield, IL Pt. 2


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