Autonomic Pilot

Title Autonomic Pilot
Label | TRESOR311

Pittsburgh resident Shawn Rudiman releases his debut EP on Tresor Records. Titled Autonomic Pilot, it features shifting tables of subliminally orchestral synths and rich drum textures that spawn new voyages.
A bold approach underlines ‘KNSR’, where saturated acid manipulates the cinematic intent of the brassy synth strokes. Too Far Gone goes for the interstellar, featuring insistent, playful percussion amidst widescreen resonances before resolving into a cerebral workout of Rudiman’s trademark machine funk. ‘Erotique Feedback’ shows Rudiman honing his focus into what will no doubt be a regular in clubs – a 303-oriented electro trip, a synaptic drive into glittering acid bliss.
On the B-side, the mind magic of ‘Past The Edge’ shifts outside, bringing a sunrise for those who reinvent the possibilities of the day. ‘Eyes Forward’ is a techno banger, forcefully pointing in the direction of travel and shutting the door behind. Ascending e ortlessly, Rudiman motors into essential repetition. ‘Backwards Tomarrows’ brings an industrial feel, almost obscuring melodies and cadences that recalls the galactic innovations of the Detroit sound.
The studio is Rudiman’s vehicle, the weapon and the balm. From synthetic wonders to dark-warehouse drum missives, Autonomic Pilot proves once again Rudiman as a master of his craft. Tresor Records is proud to welcome his new work into the world.

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A1. KNSRA2. Too Far GoneA3. Erotique FeedbackB1. Past The EdgeB2. Eyes ForwardB3. Backwards Tomarrows


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