Rolling Drama

Artist : Label : | TR032 Styles : , Format : 2 x 12"


Ion Ludwig has amassed an incredible back catalogue over more than a decade exploring the outer reaches of stripped down dancefloor aesthetics. Crucial releases on labels like Ugold Series, Be Chosen, Eklo and many more have all fed into his distinctive identity – a producer who packs a lot of subtle detail and emotionally gripping moods into predominantly minimal productions. In recent years, one of his closest partnerships has been with the iconic Trelik, and now building on the promise of two strong EPs comes a double pack brimming with the invention and flair that has typified Ludwig’s unique appeal since the beginning.


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A. Fall Answers

Ion Ludwig


B1. Modern Missing Mood

Ion Ludwig


B2. Le Imagen

Ion Ludwig


C. Felt Like Klaring Space

Ion Ludwig


D. Sparse Hypnotimes

Ion Ludwig

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