Wishes & Memories vol.3

Artist : Label : | THPVS05 Styles : , Format : 12"

In recent years, Tominori Hosoya who gets a high reputation as a composer from Japan has been included in the catalogs of
popular deep house labels such as deepArtSounds and Soul Print Recordings. Also he manages his own labels, this project
is the 3rd in the compilation series “Wishes & Memories” based on the concept – ‘we release only special musics that are
made for precious persons, memories, things etc by each artists’ from TH Pressing. 4 musics by Mark Hand (UK) who also
has related on Soul Print Recordings, US deep house maestro Trinidadian Deep, Shaka (US) who has been released from
many labels – Balance Recordings, Kolour Ltd etc and japanese Tominori Hosoya’s own new one. It goes without saying
that they are emotional deep houses that reflect the individuality of each artists, it is not just a compilation, but a drama that
resonates with Hosoya’s view of music that is good at expressing rich emotions using beautiful melodies and chords. There
is a thought that each artist devotees to something special. Pure deep house collection that is filled with the nostalgia and
distantness of distant memories.


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A1. Mark Hand - Questions I Never Asked

Various Artists


A2. Trinidadian Deep - Personal Dub Expression

Various Artists


B1. Shaka - There We Go

Various Artists


B2. Tominori Hosoya - Cycling (Original Version)

Various Artists

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