The Reflection

Artist(s): Label: | THEMA045 Style: , Format: 12"


10 years of Thema is not a milestone we take lightly, and we have absolutely no intention of slowing down. In fact we will be celebrating with a string of releases commemorating this accomplishment starting with this EP and going through to our 50th release with an all star line up ready for battle. Sometimes there is a sound that lifts you so high you can’t possibly come down. It’s the kind of sound that many strive for, but few can ever reach. UK mainstay Aubrey has been hitting this pinnacle for years through his releases on renowned imprints such as Metroplex, Ostgut Ton, and Skudge, as well as his very own Solid Groove Records. “The Reflection” EP comes as no exception. As only a DJ and Producer of his stature can do, Aubrey goes above and beyond to take the listener through a spectrum of moods that culminate in a rounded and complex experience. From the uplifting, fast paced pads in “Peligro 45” to the disorienting rhythmic voodoo of “Roger Doger” and peak energy drive of “Train To The Fire” there is a sense of direction and otherworldly ambiance that will take any dance floor to the place it needs to be


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