Artist(s): Label: | TAR008 Style: , Format: 12"


Tardis Records are delighted to welcome UK tech-house hero Flow to the Tardis Records stable for their eighth release. The three tracks making up the Trine EP were recorded together with Simon Moorecroft (a.k.a. Simon Vinyl Junkie) around the time of his first vinyl releases back in 1996-1997. All three tracks sound completely contemporary whilst having more than enough old school flavour to give flashbacks to any 90’s ravers. Lead track ‘Boy Girl Action’ has skipping, garage-influenced beats with rolling bass and swirling atmospherics, whilst a breakbeat, vocals and a stabby intro give ‘Trine’ on the flip a more ravey feel. Closing out the EP, ‘I See You’ is the dubbiest cut here, with another heavy bassline, cut-up vocals,and subtly swung percussion. Eli and Oscar have loved testing these tracks out on the road and can vouch for their impact on a peak-time dancefloor!


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