When She’s Sports Casual

Artist : , Label : | SUSAN002 Styles : Format : 12"


Raw, bumpy and explicitly pornographic. Imagine an ’80s porn director entering a dark underground club whilst the thumping thunder of Raar’s romantic dominance delves into your ear canals. You feel estranged but your velvet shorts won’t make you stop. Once you hit the dancefloor it’s gym time with Rick Sheen’s moustache: A beautifully balanced ride.


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A1 Raär – All I See All I Know

Raär, Rick Sheen


A2. Raär – When She’s Alone

Raär, Rick Sheen


B1. Rick Sheen – Sports Casual

Raär, Rick Sheen


B2. Rick Sheen – Monk Nash

Raär, Rick Sheen

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