Design Of The Body Sublime


Artist(s): , Label: | SUNONYRLE Style: Format: 12"

A new collaborative EP from Dwayne Parris and Joseph Richmond Seaton, a.k.a. Call Super

I took a trip to see something sublime. There was no need to satisfy, nothing to fill. I just wanted to look. If only you knew what these forms meant to me, we could fill this dead room with talk. They’ve been there for so long, floating, bending the space, sculptural hymns to colour a vacant spirit. In some time, like you and me, they will be lost.

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Tracks List


A1. Design Of The Body Sublime

Call Super, Parris


A2. Design Of An Eye Sublime

Call Super, Parris


B. Design Of A Lost Sublime

Call Super, Parris

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Dimensions30 × 30 × 0,2 cm

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