Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 1

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At mule musiq, we’ve focused on shining light on the many aspects of what electronic music can be, putting out house, techno and ambient releases on our main label, while releasing alternative-leaning dance music through our endless flight imprint. but with the launch of our new label, studio mule, we are stepping away from electronic club music for a bit. the label will not be tied to a specific genre, as we will instead focus on releasing any kind of music that we feel is a little bit different and interesting, but somehow make sense in this day and age. for our first batch of releases, we will be focusing on japanese music.

To be honest, i have been watching the recent rise of global interest in japanese music with a skeptical eye, not sure of how to feel about all these labels overseas licensing great albums that were birthed in our country. but then, i was told by somebody i greatly respect that i should do something similar with mule, and put our own spin on it, which sounded like a good idea to me. after a period of procrastination, i finally got around to doing it. we are starting things off with a compilation of japanese disco, boogie and soul music that we selected from a modern dance music perspective — the kind of songs that we feel would intrigue music fans across the world.


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A1. Nobuo Yagi – Mi Mi Africa

Various Artists


A2. Nobuyuki Shimizu – Silver Spot

Various Artists


A3. Piper – Samba Night

Various Artists


B1. Haruko Kuwana – Akogareno Sundown

Various Artists


B2. Aru Takamura – Koi Wa Saikou

Various Artists


B3. Hitomi Tohyama – Love Is The Competition

Various Artists


B4. Homma Express -What The Magic Is To Try

Various Artists


C1. Colored Music – Colored Music

Various Artists


C2. Shohjo-Tai & Red Bus St Project – Electric City

Various Artists


C3. Yumi Murata – Krishna

Various Artists


D1. Eri Ohno – Live Hard, ,live Free

Various Artists


D2. Minnie – Rocket 88

Various Artists


D3. Shoody – Tokyo Melody

Various Artists

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