Title Mongetun
Label | STMG998
Styles ,

Philipp Boss, Frankfurt’s young talent, presents in this new release a variety of projects in collaboration with his friends and colleagues Tiago Walter, Gianluca & Max E.

Throughout this EP we can see the versatility and subtlety of his work, which leads us through a journey of various emotions. In Kallevino, he delivers a harmonic groove perfectly floating in an environment of constant calm, while in The Gurlz & Flyht, we can perceive a more sexy and rough line, which induces us fluently into infectious rhythms.

This release is a very special occasion for our label, since it also features the first remix of Future Memories, the Chilean duo resulting from the fusion between Ron Viners and Joaquin Lledo (owner of Secret Society).

Southern Magic is a sublabel that offers a fresh proposal of mixes, which enclose the sound we have been listening to lately in the Chilean underground music scene.

Stream full tracks of the release here:

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A1. KallevinoA2. Kallevino (Future Memories Remix)B1. The Gurz (feat. Tiago Walter)B2. Flyht (feat. Gianluca, Max E)


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