Trip On My Own

Artist : Label : | STLR002 Styles : , Format : 12"

Stately Records is back with their third physical release and this time the Dutch graduated minimalist Luna Ludmila is in control. Luna delivers an incredibly diverse EP, looking back on a rough past 2 years with her title track ‘Trip On My Own’ and celebrating her Slovenian roots with the atmospheric ‘Hipnotična’. The EP is completed by the dubby opener ‘Bollenhofsedub’ and a heavy remix by one of Netherlands’ finest, Roger Gerressen. Vinyl Only!


Coming Soon


A1. Bollenhofsedub

Luna Ludmila


A2. Hipnotična

Luna Ludmila


B1. Trip On My Own

Luna Ludmila


B2. Trip On My Own (Roger Gerressen’s Microdose Mix)

Luna Ludmila

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