Seven Samurai #3

Artist : Label : | SS003Z Styles : , Format : 12"


Tokyo based DJ/Producer Tsuyoshi Ogawa presents “Seven Samurai” is vinyl-only label has been founded in 2018 and operating in Tokyo, Japan. It pays tribute to the Japanese legendary movie director ‘Akira Kurosawa’. This 3rd EP inspired by his movie “Ran’ that well known Japan/ French co-production movie. To follow the tradition, this EP featuring French producer Vida from Paris. His deep and spiritual three tracks bring us the Japanese traditional theatre forms called “Noh and Kyogen” and It feels like the main character of the movie who thrown into darkness and madness. This reconstructed Japan/French co-production EP is dedicated to Akira Kurosawa as a new spiritual soundtrack for Ran.


January, 2019

# Track Title

A. Umidori


B1. Fastlane


B2. Tanzmann

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