On The Road With Microcon

Artist : Label : | SR046 Styles : , Format : 12"


The “On the Road with Microcon” is the essence of a two-year history in the form of an album by Bernese producer Rafael Kasma. His music took on a new twist during this period – dry house tracks in Mountain People style, combined with breaks, acid, electro, and even pop-ish attitudes. One constant, however, remains with all the resulting songs: The monophonic synthesizer “Microcon”, produced in the nineties. This musical diary is complemented by interpretations by Youandewan, Adrian Bergmann and Kevin Villar.


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A1. Irrational Pig

Rafael Kasma


A2. Irrational Pig (Youandewan Remix)

Rafael Kasma


B1. The Little Aliens Journey

Rafael Kasma


B2. Sympathetic Bouncy Castle

Rafael Kasma