The Obeah Man (Edits & Overdubs By Joaquin Joe Claussell)


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On this surprise 7″ edition of Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell’s unofficial Edits & Overdubs series of releases, the long-serving New York producer turns his attention to Exuma’s ‘The Obeah Man’, a heavily percussive, Afro-fired slab of rhythm and blues/folk-rock fusion that was once an anthem at David Mancuso’s Loft parties. Claussell’s ‘Part One’ rework somehow seems even more urgent, percussive and life-affirming than Exuma’s original version, and the ‘Part 2’ version – an unashamedly sweaty, drum-heavy interpretation – most certainly is. Possibly best of all – for plays in house sets, at least – is the ‘Obeah Man Rhythm’ version, which is a loopy, percussive beast. You may need to go for a little lie down after playing it – we did!

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Tracks List


A. The Obeah Man Pt. One



B1. The Obeah Man Pt. Two


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