3.3 Magnitude

Artist : , Label : | SQA001 Styles : , , Format : 12" Yellow Vinyl

Met on the lands of Voiron, the two artists Kaba and Vouiz join today on their love of the house and the melodies which groove. Their project Magnitude 3.3 is an eruptive fusion of their two worlds. On one side, the one of a sound alchemist who delivers a cocktail combining Micro, Funk and UK Garage sounds; on the other side, the one of a rapper without parachute who easily goes from kicked rap to the enchanting song in the space of a jolt. Kaba lays down his swaying voice on three sounds, intended for fans of innovative music, of this hybrid and unlabelled rap, for fans of this obvious dynamic that links our two artists. Thus, on the track of a living room or on the carpet of a nightclub, join with enthusiasm the public of the two musical styles. No matter what you are on, let yourself be carried away by a colorful journey.

On the face B find the 3 instrumental (vinyl only).

The vinyl comes with a sheet of stickers designed by Louise Chevallet, to customize the cover. Listeners are invited to customize their own cover with the stickers and send a photo of it to the label : [email protected]


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A1. 1.3 Hdg

Kaba, Vouiz


A2. 2.3 Bricklane

Kaba, Vouiz


A3. 3.3 Magnitude

Kaba, Vouiz


B1. 1.0 Instrumental

Kaba, Vouiz


B2. 2.0 Instrumental

Kaba, Vouiz


B3. 3.0 Instrumental

Kaba, Vouiz

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