Le Mur

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Title Le Mur
Label | SPITANDIE001

DJ W!LD launches a new label, with a first EP featuring a remix from Baby Ford.
Things kick off with ‘On The Moon’, a scene-setting bit of atmospheric sci-fi ambient with spoken words and suspensory pads transporting you to the cosmos. ‘Le Mur’ is then a deep and woozy house cut with drums and icy hi hats. It’s supple and seductive with a deeply buried but musical bassline and spoken word snippets that will keep you zoned in.
Baby Ford’s new remix is no different and cuts up a fine groove with hunched, kinetic drums punching out the tempo as swirling pads and jazzy chords bring intimate late night feelings.

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A1. DJ W!LD – Le murA2. DJ W!LD – On the moonB. DJ W!LD – Le mur (Baby Ford remix)


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