ARTIST(S) Unknown Mobile
TITLE Clocktower
LABEL Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest | SOBO008
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A. ClocktowerB1. Felled BirchB2. Starstruck


This one has taken too long to lineup, but then again hasn’t it arrived right on time? Unknown Mobile flies out of the gate with Clocktower, maintains momentum through Felled Birch, and cools down as Starstruck enters: a real whirlwind of a record for the main room and chill-out room alike. One could say that the artist is influenced by their location in place and time, but its feels as though UM’s sound has been shaped by powers more distant. While the choral harmonies, low-end arps, and melodic meditation transport us through a late 90’s discogs dig, the modernity in production guides us to the future. Long time friend, first time releaser, Unknown Mobile we are happy to have you.

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