Water Tower

Title Water Tower
Label | SN008

Fabe kicks off 2019 by dropping his debut full length on his own Salty Nuts label. The Berlin born, Mannheim raised DJ has put out music on labels like FUSE and La Pena and has been resident at Mannheim’s Parker Lewis night club. Here he shows off his fully realised minimal house and techno style across eight tracks that feature Fabe’s typical, loopy signature groove.

The record is a personal one that takes you on a real journey: it kicks off with the deep house of the title track then move on through slick tech with warm chords and great vocals, classic New York swingers and plenty in between, making it an essential record for DJs and dancers alike.

Stream full tracks of the release here:

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A1. Water TowerA2. Hoch Wie NieB1. Martha & HenryB2. Words From MillieC1. Blunt On 130C2. ReasonD1. Multi LostD2. Green Top


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