Exquisite Chaos (incl. Roman Flügel rmx)

Title Exquisite Chaos (incl. Roman Flügel rmx)
Label | SLOW012

Having studied the complicated art of dreaming on Live At The Robert Johnson earlier this year, DC Salas returns with another remarkable clutch of cosmic excursions. Linking up with long-standing Parisian chic beat connaisseurs Slowciety, it’s time for Salas to show us a little ‘Exquisite Chaos’…
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The clue is in the title; ‘Exquisite Chaos’ is smooth, classy, hi-definition piece of intergalactic drama. Sweeping synths, rocket-fuelled kicks and a bassline that could circumnavigate the universe many times over without needing to refuel, it’s a classic DC Salas trip, the likes of which we’ve soaked up on labels such as Correspondant, Nein, BPitch and beyond.

It’s backed up by the poignantly titled ‘Undivided’. A call for unity, it’s rattled with acid and sinewy synth lines all thrusting upwards with the positivity we missed for so long this year. Finally ‘Forgotten Memories’ if a full-on march into a neon unknown. Complete with flying flurries of breakbeats and rasping acid missives, it wraps up Salas’s chaos theory exquisitely…. And it’s backed by a remix from Roman Flügel.

Ensuring the EP climaxes with a fitting bang Flügel divides ‘Undivided’ into three movements, each one more bulldozing than the last. Supercharged with venomous acid and neck-snap breakbeats, it’s Flügel at his most chaotic. And Slowciety at their most exquisite. We wouldn’t expect anything less from DC Salas.

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A1. Exquisite ChaosA2. UndividedB1. Forgotten MemoriesB2. Undivided (Roman Flugel remix)


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