Artist : Label : | SHR005 Styles : , , Format : 12"

We’re pleased to announce the next outing from Robert James & Burnski’s new project, North Phase, here on Seven Hills!

Comprising four brilliant, groove-laden tracks, the Cyclone EP is one of our favourites so far. The title track, Cyclone, bumps and rolls atop a sneaky bassline, and keeps you locked in with a unique, shifted synth hook. The similarly pumping Time Zone Unknown keeps the groove straighter, with added gnarliness from a crisp synth line designed to cut its way to the centre of the dancefloor.

Over on the flip, the dark and super-heavy Room 1 spirals and builds before hitting hard with a chestplate bassline. The more lilting Groove Merchant sits on the B2, slightly sci-fi and rounding things off in style.


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A1. Cyclone

North Phase


A2. Time Zone Unknown

North Phase


B1. Room 1

North Phase


B2. Groove Merchant

North Phase

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