Araki Murashige

Artist : Label : | SENTAKU001 Styles : , , Format : 12"


The Japanese-inspired Sentaku label pays tribute to its influences by signing Dixia Sirong for its first release. The Asia-based duo cooked up some tasty and hovering minimal house with clear references and sonorities from the Land of the rising sun. Full of funky flavours with some heavy and contagious basslines, ‘Araki Murashige’ EP communicates Dixia Sirong’s distinctive sound to perfection. The four tracks deliver some hypnotic set of beats well-suited to lure the dancefloor into a special astral journey. With this scintillating atmosphere and the multiple layers and textures those tracks make this EP perfect to get the crowd to start moving or for some post-peak deepness!


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A1. Un Día Mentor

Dixia Sirong


A2. Wennifur

Dixia Sirong


B1. Araki Murashige

Dixia Sirong


B2. Nefnaqah

Dixia Sirong

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