Waist Deep

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Artist(s): Label: | SCRTC009 Style: , , , Format: 2 x 12"

When we listen to elegant sounds with warm tints, fine percussions and harmonies that transcend time, a man comes to mind, who is able to remind us of the love of music.
This time on our label we receive him, legend Ewan Jansen, with 4 tracks of the highest classic deep house, with a very sentimental message within them.

Heathcube and Spiritz tell a story full of nuances and harmonies that open our minds for absolute attention.
A wonderful album, which also includes remixes of young artists from the new scene, with fresh, unique and versatile ideas.

Surprise! Thilo Dietrich, part of the established HardWorkSoftDrink label, breaks into a different proposal on this ocassion. The construction of a track with infectious sounds out of some rad synthesizers, and vocals that seem to come from a radio station, give rise to an incredibly freak and worth-listening result: “Punto en vela”.The appearance of one of our best Chilean producers, fantasna, delights us with a Punto en vela with more tension, which results into a rather acid sound with faster beats, quite appropriate to be danced (o for the dance floor).

For his part, Mr. Phil Evans of the visionary Pager Records, remixes with the highest standards in class, forging a version full of style and with a captivating flow.

To close the ep, our close friend Giammarco Orsini takes the essence of Spiritz, and with a few synth movements, makes it speak out expressig its original sensibility. A version with a rhythm that seems to be handmade, which makes it a unique piece of sounds.


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